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“I see a world where all massage therapists have thriving businesses, a wealth of happy clients & enough money to live an abundant, fulfilled life” ~Ann Ross

No matter where you are in your journey as a massage therapist, it’s never too late to learn the marketing and business skills to grow a successful business. No one is born a marketing leader. If you want to create success you must take accountability for learning business and marketing skills. You must create a plan for yourself. In order to learn the skills necessary for creating and growing a successful massage therapy business you must have an open mind, study and take action on the things you are learning.

No matter where you are in your massage therapy career, it’s never too late to learn the necessary fundamentals of business, marketing and success. Ann Ross’ knowledge & love of business and marketing led her to create Massage Marketing Mentor in 2009, a resource for struggling massage therapists longing so desperately to create a successful business of their own.  Throughout the years Massage Marketing Mentor has developed into a movement of talented massage therapists who were once struggling in business, to finally create the success they knew they had in themselves all along.

As no one is born with marketing knowledge, we must go out and learn, grow and take accountability for our education. The same that you learned the skills to be a talented massage therapist, you must also learn the skills to be a successful business owner.

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  1. Inniss MacInnes

    I am looking to develop a business in massage therapy, hearing the steps which other have taken in my belief I too could a successful..
    kind regards

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