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I’m so excited you’re here. I want to take a quick moment to first introduce myself and welcome you to what is going to be a huge resource in your self employment journey.  My name is Ann Ross and I am a successful, self employed massage therapist in Seattle, Washington.  As a practicing massage therapist since 2003, my journey of self employment has been the single most fulfilling decision I have made in my life.  What you are about to discover will no doubt be one of the best resources along your own journey of self employment in the field of massage therapy.  I am extremely passionate about my own self growth, personal development, being a successful entrepreneur and creating a fulfilling life for myself.  And it’s my passion and desire to help you do exactly the same thing!

I created Massage Marketing Mentor to help you create true freedom, happiness and fulfillment in being a self employed massage therapist and to empower you on your journey of doing so.

Humble Beginnings…

I grew up in a very small town called Carnation, about 45 minutes from the city of Seattle.  Lots of cows, fields & farms were the backdrop for my daily bus ride to school.  As an adult now,  It always makes me laugh when traveling through “farmville” with people from the city when the smell of cows and maneur fill the air.  What is truly one of the grossest smells for someone that grew up in the city, is strangely enough somewhat comforting to me.  My childhood was pretty low key, calm and very sheltered, and no matter how yucky the smell of farms, I always feel a little at home when traveling through an area filled with fields and cows these days.

As the middle child of an older sister and younger brother I think I grew into the typical “middle child” placement pretty well.  Outgoing, goofy, and somewhat weird at times, I was likeable and loved by my family and friends.  On the inside though, I always felt unsure, akward, insecure and lost.  I grew up never thinking of college, career, big dreams or making a wonderfully abundant life for myself.  I don’t know why, but I never saw myself for anything more than just “getting a job”.

As a high school graduate I enrolled in Cosmetology School, and after a year of school and 1800 hours received my license to do hair.  While I loved being a creative hairdresser, something was lacking deep inside and I was miserable.  I hated where I worked, who I worked with and quit after only 3 years.  After that,  I decided to completely shift gears and began working for a corporate wireless company at the age of 21.  While I enjoyed my job at first, it wasn’t long into my first year that I began to have the same feeling of unhappiness and emptiness that I felt just a few years earlier.

I’ve got to figure this out…

At 24 years old I was starting to realize that something had to give.  There was something starting to stir deep inside of me that was telling me I deserved so much more than I was allowing myself all these years.  Call it intuition, subconscious or higher self knowledge, whatever it was it was definitely trying to get my attention.  I couldn’t continue to live the meaningless life I was living.  Looking around at my life I was living paycheck to paycheck, empty, unchallenged and not to mention hanging out with “friends” that weren’t great influences.  These “friends” were people that were living the same sort of life I was living, empty, unfocused and mirror images of who I was at the time.  I didn’t like what I saw and decided to shift my focus…that’s when everything started to come together

A dream that changed everything!

I literally woke from a night of sleep one morning and the strangest thing happened to me, I knew that I was supposed to enroll in massage therapy school.  Until that point in my life, I had never known such urgency for anything.  I enrolled in school within a week and never looked back.  School was challenging, difficult, rewarding and fulfilling all at once.  It was exactly what I needed.

Me…a business owner?

Never in a million years did I consider being self employed.  I assumed it was something that would be too difficult and for a few months after graduation I made excuses as to why it wasn’t for me.  It wasn’t until my graduate services coordinator sat me down and said “Ann, you have to do this…you’ve got so much potential”.  Really? Me? Potential?  Nobody had ever said something like that to me regarding owning a business.  The thought had never crossed my mind.  It was that conversation with her that planted the seed in me.  From that moment forward I was determined to make my life better, fulfilling, and more meaningful.  But most important, I wanted complete and total control over my life, finances, future and happiness.  Self employment allowed me all of these opportunities and more.

A rude awakening…

Ok, ok…I knew it was going to be difficult but I didn’t realize at the time I opened my business it was going to feel IMPOSSIBLE!  I found myself frustrated, overwhelmed and scared when I started my business.  I realized I hadn’t learned ANYTHING while I was in school about being self employed.  It made me mad…oh so mad!  I was faced with 2 choices, the possibility of being an employee again, or educate myself on owning a business, specifically a massage therapy business.  I did what I knew I had to do.  I took every class, course and read every book I possibly could.  I dove into the internet and found some great mentors of my own.  Within 6 months of shifting my focus and realizing what it takes, I was making a full time income as a massage therapist.   I was no longer worrying about my finances, frustrated or scared.  I had finally made it!

It’s now all about you!

This is where YOU come in.  If you’re here, you’re most likely looking for information regarding owning a massage therapy business, how to market your business, nurture your business and make it in this field as a self employed therapist.  As a massage therapist that came from knowing absolutely nothing, and learning so much that I now own my very own massage therapy practice, I want nothing more than to help you on your journey.  Is it scary?  You bet!  Is it hard at times?  Sure is!  But if you commit yourself to learning, doing and being everything it takes to make your business successful, you will make your dreams come true!

Let’s create a world of successful massage therapists together.  Being a talented and nurturing massage therapist is such an amazing gift.  You literally have the opportunity to change the world in your hands.  Don’t let the challenges of owning a business get in your way.  I am here to help you no matter what it takes.  As your mentor, coach and cheerleader I am here to help you along your own journey so that you may have the same success I have found.  If a small town girl like me can do it, I know you can!

Massage Marketing Mentor is filled with tons of valuable content. I have many wonderful resources to help you on your journey.  Resources that I have personally used and utilized or, resources that my colleagues have used and utilized.  Everything here is valuable and honest material.  Feel free to comment on my posts along the way and if you have other massage therapy friends and colleagues, please feel free to pay it forward to your friends and colleagues.

Wishing You Much Success & Happiness,
Ann Ross

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