“Anything in life worth having is worth working for.” Andrew Carnegie

It’s never easy, is it?  Starting something new, deciding to go for it, figuring out what road to take.  I remember those same feelings when starting my own massage therapy business.  My lack of confidence kept me frustrated and held me back from so many goals.  I kept thinking it was never going to happen and continued to get down on myself for the smallest things.  I wanted it now now now!!!  I was failing to understand that success does not and can not happen overnight.

Businesses take time and nurturing before they can become successful.  Thankfully, massage therapy is the type of business that can be built fairly quickly, with the right kind of nurturing.  While it won’t happen overnight, the right kind of massage therapy clients will see massage therapy as a true necessity in their life and most likely will come to see you on a regular basis.

Think about it, if you owned a jewelry store or clothing store you might only see certain customers once every 6-12 months.  Many people are pinching their pennies these days and only spending money on things that add deeper value and meaning to their lives.

You are sitting on a gold mine as a massage therapist in being able to offer something of huge value to your clients.  You can help people recover from injuries, ease chronic pain, relax or reduce discomfort in pregnancy, or just reduce the overload of stress that someone may be dealing with.  As a massage therapist, if you position yourself and your business with the ability to solve a problem someone is having you will be way ahead of the game.

So when you get frustrated because you’re just beginning, or your business isn’t growing as fast as you hoped it would, take a step back and re-evaluate a few things.  Are you positioning yourself appropriately?  Are you offering basic massage therapy?  Or are you going above and beyond and branding yourself as an expert in a specific type of massage?  These details can make all the difference in whether or not your business takes months or years to become successful.

Continue to work hard, educate yourself and remember that you truly have what it takes to be successful inside of you.  It’s normal to feel like giving up when things get tough.  Remember to love and nurture yourself first, so that you will be able to love and nurture others.  Everything else will fall into place.

Keep pushing forward!  I’m right behind you!

Ann Ross

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